1 recruitment every 18 minutes 2,500 candidates contacted every day

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Vitae USA is an established leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing and is capable of filling 50 to 1,000 positions per client each year. We are able to fill high volume contracts with quality candidates thanks to our dedication to recruit by telephone and our network of recruiters who receive more than 4,500 resumes DAILY that are processed within 48 hours to conduct 2,500 interviews daily. Vitae USA provides the time and expertise you need to find the right candidate, no matter if you’re looking for a technician, supervisor, or manager. We manage your candidate schedules and help you create a recruitment strategy that is fitting to your needs as an employer.

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As the crucial link between our candidates and our clients, logistics is of prime importance to our success.
  • We manage customer and candidate profiles in order to determine the most efficient recruitment schedule.
  • We assist candidates with any issues and provide accommodating solutions as required.
  • We make selected candidate files and analysis documentation available to clients at least 24 hours before the first session.
  • We guarantee maximum candidate attendance thanks to our dedication to contact every available profile.


Follow-up sessions are conducted at the end of every sessions, both on the client and candidate side. All feedback and analysis allows Vitae USA to improve and capitalize upon its expertise so as to ensure continuously improving responses to future recruitment demands and thus maintaining the highest standards.


As a partner in the recruitment process, Vitae USA helps its clients with various recruitment strategies as well as provide assistance to improve employee integration and retention.

Our knowledge of the employment market as a whole and our varied regional approach to recruitment means we can advise and assist with all recruitment problems. We aim to help our clients improve:
  • Company brand
  • Job appeal
  • The recruitment process
  • Employee retention
Recruitment itself is an ever-evolving process with how candidates approach it; Vitae USA is at the heart of this evolution and works daily to fulfill a single objective: Our guarantee to recruit.

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