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Vitae USA and Pianeo Jobs from Piana HR Group are proud to announce their partnership with the French American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles. (FACC Los Angeles)

This partnership serves as an advantage for our clients because they are offered membership at a lower rate and in turn can receive a discount on Vitae USA recruitment services. This partnership will serve our clients needs, as they will benefit from our unique offers upon becoming members of the French American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles:

Instead of paying 25% of a candidate's gross annual salary, members of the FACC Los Angeles will only pay 12%.

Members of the Chamber benefit from free consulting services: Our HR Experts are available to answer your questions, about human resources, payroll and recruitment, a valuable resource, at no cost.

To learn more about FACC memberships, please click here.

Whether you are a small business or a bigger company, your employees ultimately makes your success. A wise recruiting strategy can make your business exceed your expectations! Competence and efficiency in HR are rare and costly.

Vitae USA and the FACC Los Angeles bring you an affordable and qualitative tool, to help you make the right decisions for your business!

Moreover, you will have access to Pianeo Jobs, our new professional network in the US.

Find out more at facclosangeles.org/vitaeusa

What is Pianeo jobs?

Pianeo jobs is a huge database of users with free registration to gain access to many different resumes. Instead of paying per month, per quarter, or per year, Pianeo Jobs only charges for contact information once you've found the profile you are looking for. We believed by creating this platform that companies as well as candidates will have easy and quick access to what they are searching for. As a start, and in order for you to get familiar with our professional network, your account is given 50 credits to be able to get the contact information of a potential candidate as well as post job openings.

So now get on your computers and your phones we are waiting for you!

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