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Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Vitae USA is a multidisciplinary recruitment agency working in all sectors and industries, at any level, worldwide.

Our parent company, Vitae Conseil, began 13 years ago in France due to a lack of quality in the recruitment field. The company was founded by Jean-Christophe Le Feuvre, who believes that candidates are the most important contributors to success. Before Vitae Conseil, candidates were limited to traditional HR services available to them; often believing they sent their resumes in vain, candidates received little to no response and never any constructive feedback from recruiters. Jean-Christophe recognized the flaws in communication and decided to develop HR teams who truly represent their candidates. These are teams of recruiters who are always available, know people are more than their resumes and qualifications, and prioritize the individual by listening to their goals and objectives. With this mindset, Jean-Christophe decided to expand abroad and open branches in multiple countries to combat what he sees as an international problem.

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We owe our success to our unique approach to recruitment. In contrast with our competitors, we have separated into two teams: HR and Sales. In order to be more effective and efficient, our employees focus on fields within their expertise whereas our competitors spread themselves thin and offer comparatively mediocre services. Vitae USA is an established leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing and is capable of filling 50 to 1,000 positions per client each year. We are able to fill high volume contracts with quality candidates thanks to our dedication to recruit by telephone and our network of recruiters who receive more than 4,500 resumes daily that are processed within 48 hours to conduct 2,500 interviews daily.

Both of our teams adhere to core values that establish the recruitment process as an extremely positive initiative.

Dealing only with permanent placements, there is a lot at stake for potential employers. This is why we strive to build a relationship of trust with our partners, with the purpose of matching our candidates to the expectations of our clients. Since 2002, more companies and candidates have trusted us than our competitors because they realize we do the job better, faster, cheaper and know our teams are the most dedicated at what they do. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

The Candidate is at the Heart of What We Do

Availability and Proximity:
Our recruitment experts are always available to respond to candidates’ inquiries via their direct telephone line.

Respect and transparency with the recruitment process are the golden principles here at Vitae USA.

Active-Listening: We strive to get an accurate picture of our candidates’ expectations and skills in order to ensure we can offer positions that are both satisfying and a match with their profiles.

Offering Our Clients the Best Recruitment Service on the Market

We handle all of the problems our clients have with the recruitment process: geographical limitations, finding a specific and rare profile, limited numbers of available skilled candidates, etc. We are highly proactive and operate at national and international levels with all types of profiles.

Whether you’re looking for quality or volume, our services are highly competitive because we are able to provide clients with both.

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