VITAE USA is part of PIANA HR Group, which was founded in 2002 in Paris, France.


PIANA HR Group contains multiple, integrated subsidiaries and proposes disruptive HR solutions to help organizations solve talent acquisition issues. With passion for their jobs, our team actively contribute to the success of our clients all over the world.

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BKRH,  est. 1964 / Jacques Scarinoff & Associés, est. 1993 / Norma Conseil HR, est. 1994 / Yves Marie, est. 2000


As an established leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, VITAE USA fills hundreds of positions for clients each year.

We specialize in filling positions in high volume contracts with quality candidates. Our dedication to recruitment and extensive network enables us to, on average, process 4,500 resumes and conduct 2,500 interviews daily. We provide the time and expertise that finding the right candidate requires. We work with companies to fill every position, whether entry-level or c-level and executive. We can also fill highly specialized positions, from technicians, engineers, and IT specialists to supervisors and managers.


We owe our success to our unique recruitment approach. In contrast with our competitors, we have separated our HR and Sales teams. To be more effective and efficient than our competition, our employees are experts in their staffing fields; likewise, our competitors spread themselves thin and, therefore, offer comparatively mediocre services.


Since 2002, more companies and candidates have trusted us than our competitors because we do the job better, faster, and cheaper with recruiters that are experts in their given fields. We guarantee 100% satisfaction !




Key Figures

Since 2002, we have worked with more than 3000 clients, globally 

We recruit 1 candidate every 18 minutes

The number of job seekers our recruiters contact daily.

Our recruiters have access to 1 billion resumes worldwide





Improving people’s lives by finding them better jobs
Achieving your goals by offering comprehensive HR solutions



In a time when finding the right candidate is getting more and more complicated, when vacancies cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a company reputation is displayed to everyone, finding the right HR partner has become a necessity to help and backup each HR and/or Talent acquisition department.

As your HR Concierge, we concentrate on providing you with Global HR Solutions:
Talent Acquisition and Retention
Employer Brand Enhancement

With one priority, finding highly qualified candidates within 10 days, VITAE USA takes charge of the most time-consuming recruitment tasks so that you can stay focused on what really matters: growing your staff and your business.


We are highly proactive and operate at local, national and international levels with all types of profiles. 

You can find us or our Partners in France, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, China, Japan, Australia, India, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, UAE, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

Whether you’re looking for quality or volume, our HR services are highly competitive because we are able to provide clients with both.


We can source unique talent that may go unfound or unnoticed otherwise.


We connect with recruits on a personal level, to discover an appropriate professional fit for your office culture, saving you time and reducing the risk of turnover.


The qualifications of the candidates are analyzed through an extensive interview process.


Reference checks are performed, background checks are also an available option.


Integration is coordinated with your company for a seamless transition.

Key Advantages:

A dedicated HR team working with you throughout the course of a year.


A presentation of extremely qualified candidates within 10 business days to reduce the cost associated with job vacancies.


Very competitive fees.


A strong follow-up process to monitor the integration of new recruits to your company to assist you with the onboarding process over the course of the first year.


Weekly KPI monitoring to ensure the quality of our work.



The Candidate is at the Heart of What We Do


Candidates are different but when it comes to recruitment, they all share the same frustration:

  • Impersonal forms of contact

  • Lack of feedback on resume

  • Indirect access to the recruiters or hiring managers

  • Feeling misunderstood


VITAE USA prevents that with individual interactions with each candidate to ensure a fit with your company and reduce your turnover:


Availability and Proximity
Our recruitment experts are always available to respond to candidates’ inquiries. VITAE USA is the only agency that shows the name, e-mail, and direct telephone number of its recruiters on the ad.​

Respect and transparency in the recruitment process are the golden principles at VITAE USA. ​


We understand our candidates’ expectations and skills to ensure that we can offer satisfying positions that match.

For every recruited candidate, we provide a one-year follow-up process to helps our Clients identify potential problems that your new employees could face in the first year after their integration


We conduct an interview with the new hires every three months to provide a dashboard reviewing these four essential qualities. All reports are sent to our clients to allow them to take steps that lower the turnover, which in turn, benefits their bottom line.


 (rated 1 to 5)

quality of work

 (rated 1 to 5)

team integration

 (rated 1 to 5)

overall satisfaction

 (rated 1 to 5)

This relationship building with candidates helps grow your corporate stars, the basis of your reputation on sites like Glassdoor. In a candidates’ market, these rankings are increasingly important. We help put you in control of them by improving your internal processes thus improving and securing your online reputation.

Trusted Clients


Boris Patronoff

CEO, See Tickets North America

"We’ve used Vitae USA several times in recent months to fill a variety of positions, including a marketing executive and software engineers. We appreciate the availability of the HR teams, their quick response times, and the quality of the candidates they put forward."


See Tickets is one of the largest ticketing companies in the world with over 5,000 promoters, festivals, performance venues, sporting events.

See Tickets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vivendi SA, an international Media and Content business, employing more than 16,000 staff globally with revenues in excess of $12 billion in 2015




Tom Schmitt

VP of Business Development, Procurement Academy

"Within the past year, I have had the opportunity to see the professionalism Vitae USA exhibits both as a candidate for a position, and in looking to augment my sales team.  I first reached out to Vitae when I saw a posting for a position as VP of Business Development and Sales.  During their vetting process, I was treated with professionalism and it was clear that their HR had a firm handle on what the company I was applying for desired. 

The process provided me with the opportunity to give a good snapshot of who I was and at the same time, gave me a good feel for the position I was applying to. I found during my interview with the company after being forwarded by Vitae, there were no surprises. The company environment and position were just as described, and it was clear early on that there was a great fit. 


After joining Procurement Academy, we have looked to augment our sales team.  After sharing our criteria with Vitae, they supplied me with enough worthy candidates to find our best fit.  Even when we modified our desires, Vitae worked with us to bring the right candidates to our company."


Procurement Academy is all about competence development for corporations: we train your staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses.

With a long history of procurement expertise, a culture of integrity, ambition and high energy, Procurement Academy employees and partners get the chance to make a difference, every day. The results-focused culture coupled with passionate procurement people deliver unique material in a superior learning design.


In addition to the Belgium HQ, Procurement Academy has representations in the US, Germany, France, the UK, Australia, India, UAE and China.


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Welcome to VITAE USA!

We are hiring for both our

Marina Del Rey and Denver locations.


Business Developers

HR / Recruitment specialists

If you want to know more about our open positions, our company, or have your resume put on file, please contact:


VITAE USA Marina Del Rey:

4505 Glencoe Ave, Marina Del Rey CA 90292


A few words from the CEO

In 2002, I founded the Agence Vitae Conseil in Paris, France as an innovative recruitment agency with a simple premise :  recruiting the best talents, quickly, anywhere they are.

Fast forward 16 years and after several successful aquisition of France's top executive search agencies such as Bernard Krief RH & Jacques Scarinoff, the Agence Vitae Conseil has become Piana HR Group, a worldwide HR service provider.

In 2014, I launched Vitae USA, the American branch of the Group. First establised in New-York, we then spread to Los Angeles to cover the entire territory. Our latest office opening was in 2017, in Denver, Co.

The American market, with its booming economy and low unemployment rate is the ideal playground for Vitae USA and Piana HR Group to develop into the number one HR service provider in the world.